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Fred Tomaselli born in Santa Monica, California, in 1956 is an American artist. He is best known for his highly detailed paintings on wood panels, combining an array of unorthodox materials suspended in a thick layer of clear, epoxy resin. Tomaselli is represented by James Cohan Gallery in the United States and by White Cube gallery in the United Kingdom.



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I haven’t vented in a while

Alright, so right now I’m at my tech school until October 2015 which kinda sucks to think about in depth but I do get to come back home for a couple weeks for Christmas and on top of that I hope I can go to Germany on leave for a week at some point during my stay at tech school!

If anyone reading this knows me kinda well, please imagine me being celibate for this whole adventure because that’s real life for me right now and it’s getting really ridiculous.

I have a curfew and live with a bunch of girls and everything so even IF I had a guy I really wanted, I couldn’t do anything about it unless I asked for “weekend leave” and I can only leave 3 hours away from the city I’m in anyways. Which isn’t that bad but I’m on a rant so might as well add that part in that I can’t visit SoCal.

Oookay so when I first got here, I got assigned a roommate who had been here for about 8 weeks and she was super quirky and funny but then she moved out and I had my room to myself for two weeks and it was wonderful! Now I have a new roommate who is vegan which is cool because I have friends from back home that she reminds me of but she doesn’t smell the best and it bothers me. I try to keep the windows open but she also likes to hibernate in the dark and doesn’t leave the room for like anyyything. It’s really bothersome but I’m venting now so I don’t explode next time I come into a hot stinky dark room. 

On a brighter note, there is this Asian guy who caught my eye and seems interesting enough to amuse me for a little while until I change my mind like I always do. The only thing is that I feel like I just want sex at this point and I don’t know if that’d be a good idea since I see him a round a lot and I wouldn’t want to ruin a friendship. I hate feelings and all that bullshit so what am I supposed to do?! I’ll figure it out eventually but for now I suppose just riding this one out is the best choice I’ve got (no pun intended but may have been kind of really intended?) “He looks like he would pull my hair” - quote of the night by yours truly.


Oh! and I can’t forget to mention I have some awesome besties here and I hope they stay with me for this whole journey. We’re going to the school for the same thing so I’m pretty optimistic about these hopefully life long friends I’ve made. (:

I think that’s all I’ve got for now. So talk to you later, my poor ignored blog <3


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Pyramid stage was sick at #AirbeatOne


Pyramid stage was sick at #AirbeatOne